Monday- A Play in Three Parts

>> Monday, February 28, 2011

Act 1: In which I wake up in good mood, prepare a healthy breakfast for my children, pack a healthy lunch for my husband, clean the entire kitchen, carry all laundry to the basement, and get a healthy dinner in the slowcooker, all before I even have my coffee.

Act 2: Wherein we discover that there is only enough laundry soap for one load (there are 5 loads to be done), the baby smears pb&j in her hair and requires a bath prior to naptime, and we find out that the "ranch dressing" I put into the aforementioned sack lunch was actually leftover clam chowder.

Act 3: Our hero (that would be me) seriously considers having donuts and wine for lunch, but decides against it. Because we have no more wine.

Happy Monday, all.


Come on down!

>> Friday, February 11, 2011

Maybe shorter entries=more entries? I'm trying that approach for now. Quantity over quality.

You know that game where you say a bunch of words and phrases and you have to guess what they have in common? Well here you are-

1. "That's enough."
2. "Get down."
3. "Get your hands out of there."
4. "Stop licking that."


If you guessed "Things I said to my toddler in a public restroom yesterday" you win the big prize!

Show the people what they won! You win the privilege of not having to deal with allllllllllla that.
Bonus points if you can tell me what I was referring to in each of those admonitions.

That's okay. I kinda like her.*

And this one, too.**

*Just on the off chance that this picture isn't immediately understandable- that is my child. Wearing a 6-9 month size bathrobe and women's size 7 Jack-o-lantern socks, standing on one leg in the kitchen, eating an apple. Or as I like to call it- Friday morning. I mean, isn't that obvious?

** Baby. Eating a pen and playing with cables underneath Daddy's desk in the office. Obvi.


That Crazy Chicken.

>> Thursday, February 10, 2011

The first of what I am sure will be many many stories:

The Scene: Our car. Stuck at a traffic light waiting for a train to pass.
The Characters: A 2-yr-old and her mama.

Finn: Hey! Across the street!
Mama: What's across the street?
Finn: A chicken!
Mama: Why is he across the street?
Finn: Goin' fast!
Mama: He's going fast? Why?
Finn: Chicken f'eezy colden.
Mama: He's freezing cold? Well is he wearing a jacket?
Finn: Ummm, yeah.
Mama: He's wearing a jacket and he's still cold? Well, is it zipped up?
Finn: Umm. No.
Mama: Well he better zip up that jacket. What kind of coat is it?
Finn: Geen!
Mama: A green coat? Wow. Where is he going?
Finn: Boots!
Mama: He's wearing boots? What kind?
Finn: Geen!
Mama: Green boots and a green coat? Where is he going?
Finn: An'na hat! Geen hat!
Mama: Green boots and a green coat and a green hat? Wow. What is the chicken's favorite color?
Finn: Pink.
Mama: Well, where is the chicken going?
Finn: His car.
Mama: His car, huh? Then where?
Finn: Driving so so so fast.
Mama: He's driving so fast? To where?
Finn: Across the street.

This kid is the best.


As promised.

>> Friday, February 4, 2011

On Friday I got as far as titling this entry. Today I've started on the actual writing, so we are heading in the right direction.

I've got two girlies sleeping simultaneously today (huzzah!), which does not happen very often. In fact, they have been doing this back-and-forth napping thing that has kept us pretty much housebound for the past few weeks. I'm hoping all that ends soon. Today was actually a great day, sleep-timing wise. It doesn't hurt that Violet slept for SIX STRAIGHT HOURS for the past two nights in a row! Last night she only woke up TWICE between 8:30 and 8:30! Which is ohmyGAH so amazing!

I've started running again. Back at the end of December I found out that my sister has been liek stepping up the fitness thing HARDCORE and it made me feel all lazy schlumpy so I registered for a 10k and downloaded a training program to my iPhone. Bam, done, now I'm a dedicated runner too, HAH. And then I promptly did no running whatsoever for about a month. Then one nice warm (almost up to freezing!) day I allowed Nate to shove me out the door and it was so freaking amazing. Cold air in my lungs, warm sun on my face, snow crunching under my feet. I'm back, baby. Running(ish). I'm actually doing the Couch2 10k program, which eases you into running over a period of a few months by alternating running intervals with walking. So for now I'm still at half running/half walking. BUT it feels awesome. Today I was really looking forward to my run but when I woke up at 7:30 the dude on the radio said that with the windchill factor it was -30°c and that's just way too cold, even for me.

Sooo, what else is new. Babycakes is working on another tooth! This makes five, and she seems to be taking this one like a champ, only one evening of fussiness and today she is happy as can be, so hopefully we're over the worst of that one. She's still crawling around like crazy, pulls herself up to stand ALL OVER THE PLACE. And she's even getting good at sitting herself back down, which is great. OH and she can clap! With a big old grin on her face! So stinkin' cute.

Fiona is starting to really get into pretending. Right now one of her favorites is to be the doctor. She gets a notepad and a pen, writes notes on a chart, takes dolly's "temp-chur"; the other day dolly was sick and had to have lunch to get better. Doctor's orders. She also is getting very into reading stories to me (and to "sisser"), which is awesomely cute. She knows some of the pages by heart, others she makes up a story about the picture on the page. Good times, right there.

Life is going on pretty much the same as before, except we are like a jillion miles away from everyone. We do a lot of "bideochapping", as Fiona calls it. Keeping in touch via webcam. It works, but we do miss everybody from back home. Facebook helps. I don't think I would have been able to make this move in a pre-facebook world. Oh, internet. I loves ya.

My window of opportunity (haha, Colleen) is closing quickly here, and I'd love to go grab another cup of coffee before the ruffians wake up, so I'll end with a little something I was musing over the other day. I can't seem to get it into the entry seamlessly, but I wanted to share my thoughts concerning the evolution (or degeneration?) of motherhood.

When my firstborn was a baby and she pooped in the tub, we FREAKED OUT. Picked her up, wiped her down with a wet wipe, emptied and scrubbed the tub, and then re-bathed her.

The other night when my second born pooped in the tub, I scooped the turds out with my hand, chucked them into the toilet, and then turned around and said "Okay guys, let's get hairwashing started."

Such is my life. Scoop out the turds and move on.


Still Alive. More Later.

We are still alive. We live in Canada now.

I have big plans to actually write a blog entry, hopefully tomorrow?

But I'll have to see what my bosses say.


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